#4 Cambodia

Friday January 15th We got checked in at the border around 7:00am when the border opend, then drove in to Phenom Pen. We arrived at 12:30, and were allowed to grab food before we went on another bus to Sinokville at 2:30pm. I decided to eat with Ramona and do some charging and editing. At 1:55pm, the bus was leaving early, and after boarding my backpack, and getting the rest of my belongings, the bus driver almost left without me. The whole bus was yelling at him to please stop. He was very unfriendly. Later in the ride, when people needed to go to use the toilet, he laughed and did not pull over. It took a little bit of firm attitude and polite asking to have him pull over for the group of people. We arrived in Sinokville that night around 7:00. I was ecstatic to reunite with friends. I saw Chris, Yarden, Kena, Pocket, and Tess. We did some Acro, at some food, and then got some good rest. Saturday January 16th We got up at 9:00, packed and had a breakfast and got aboard a boat to go to Koh Ta Kiev Island to stay on Corral Beach.

Picture of Kena, me, and Tess was taken by Pocket.

We immediately found ourselves in paradise. We even had a chance to go cliff jumping along the way to our stay.

Picture of me is taken on Kena's Camera by Ramona.

The second jump I did I did a gaynor backflip off the 7 meter jump. All I did not want to do was to land on my back, and this is the hgihest point I have attempted a Gaynor from. So I did it very reserved and almost nailed it. What I did nail was my nuts with my legs open. Ouch! 25 minutes of breathing heavily.

Chris jumping in (taken by me)

Kena took a picture of me doggy paddleling back after get my balls were impaled into my stomach.