#5 Southern Thailand

Monday February 8th I woke up at 7:15am to leave Siam Reap, Cambodia to go to Bangkok. I got my bus ticket for $10.00 USD and was picked up at 7:30am and shuttled to where the bus picked us up. Then we drove about 4 hours till we arrived at the boarder. In the morning when we loaded the bus, they told us to leave our bags and get on. I had my tripod clipped to my backpack. With two clips to it. When I got off they told us to grab our things and head to the first place to show our passports. They reminded us to make sure we had everything from the bus. This was by far the busiest boarder I have been to on my travels. There were three major lines that we all had to wait in which took us 4 hours to get through. I think it was so busy because of it being the Chinese New Year. About an hour into our waiting and in our third line (now impossible to go back to the bus) I realize that whoever loaded my bag, unclipped both of my buckles and removed my tripod. It was probably to help with storage, but you never unpack someone's bag without them knowing. I was pissed for a bit because my tripod I brought out here broke from it being handled poorly while traveling on the busses in a Vietnam, so I bought a new one in Hoi An, and now that one was taken off my bag in another bus in Cambodia. It is so unnecessary to have to purchase three tripods. But I will get one in Bangkok, because for the style of photography I do, I use a tripod a lot, and it never fun having to keep paying for same items. After we crossed the boarder, we were taken on a tuk tuk to a spot to wait for the shuttle to pick us up. We had a bite to eat. By this time it was 4:15 and another shuttle came, but did not have room for all of us, so a few of us had to wait for the next. By 4:30 we were fully loaded on the next shuttle which we took to Bangkok for another 4 hour drive. It was a fairly uncomfortable ride for me since I shared half of my seat with all the luggage. I arrived to Bangkok around 9:30 and got to my Hostel around 10:30 to meet with my friend Miles. We went out and had some dinner and then I played some cards with a few people from the hostel until I got tired and went to sleep. Tuesday February 9th Miles and I got up and decided to go venture around the city. We walked around through the park and then to the malls to look for a new tripod for me. We went through 4 malls. The central world, MBK center, Siam center, and Siam paragon. The central world as my favorite, and on the 7th floor there is an outstanding food court where we had lunch. The MBK Mall was my favorite for shopping because you could haggle down a bit for the electronics.