#7 Indonesia

Friday February 26th 2016

I got up around 7:00am. I did not sleep the night before, I new I had to get up early and travel for my flight, so I was stressed to not forget anything in the morning, and to be able to arrive to my flight with plenty of time.I left around 8:30, took the train to the KL station where I then got on a bus for 11 ringets ($2.75 USD) to the airport. The ride took close to an hour to arrive at the airport. I got some food, and wast at my tempi all at 11:00 am ready to depart at 1:00pm with Lion Air. The plane left about 1 hour later than it should have. And we arrived a bit later. I got my visa and waited around 30 minutes for my luggage. Then asked how to get to terminal 1. I was in Jakarta and my next flight was to Palu, Selewasi. I was at terminal 2 and had to go to terminal 1. I was told to wait for the free shuttle to get there. I asked if I could walk and was told no, that it was too far. I should have just walked, it was 2 km (but I did not know). I waited 25 minutes for the bus, hopped on and immediately is was crammed pack with everyone. It had to go through 3 terminals before it returned to terminal 1. Little did anyone know that it was just about to traffic hour and have a traffic jam. I was sweating profusely holding all my bags and within 10 minutes we were at a stand still. I was asking if I should just get out and run it. I was told no, that the traffic would ease up. It turns out on top of the traffic, there was a car accident, and also a road was closed so we had to do an extra 4km detour in traffic. It took an hour and fifteen minutes to arrive to terminal 1. I was 30 minutes late and had missed my flight. I then continued to wait for another ticket. It turns out that that my flight was the last flight of the day and that the next one to Palu would leave at 5:00am. I was pretty bummed. I waited an hour an a half for a new ticket before he asked me to wait in the waiting room for 3 more hours. I was able to have a bite to eat and some coffee. I finally got the voucher for my ticket at 9:00pm. And was walked to Batik Air which is the airline that I was going to travel to Palu on. I was told to come back and check in at 3:00am. I was pretty tired, but ended up just hanging out and editing some images from Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday Febryary 27th

I am pushing through and am so tired at this point. I drank some coffee's around 1:00am and did a bit of work on my computer. At 3:00am, I left to get checked in to go to Palu. At 5:00 am we get boarded and by 5:45 we were in the air and I was fast asleep. This plane to Palu was nicer. I was traveling with Batik Air instead of lion air. I was so tired that I thought we were taking off, and I looked to the side at the window and saw clouds. We were already high in the sky. I recived a breakfast which can I woke up to eat and we landed in what I thought was Palu, but soon realized it was Makassar in South Selawesi. I had another connecting flight which I was unaware about and just was able to make it to my next flight. I realized this as I was trying to collect my bags. I hopped on another Batik air flight to Palu which took about an hour and arrived close to 11:45am. I got my bags and got a taxi for 85,000 rupies to go to Wolvien Guesthouse which is where my friend Kena was staying. I think the ride was a bit overpriced. But I didn't really know how far it was, or how much I should be paying.It was so nice arriving to the hostel and putting my bags down and being horizontal for a bit.We went out for lunch and to get some camping gear for the next few weeks and went to the beach.We bought a tent and mattress, ropes, lantern, and pillows for about $115.00 USD which we split. Not too bad. We were going to need this for camping at a few of the festivals we were going to attend.We headed to the beach a met some really friendly locals who were so amazing to see us. All hey wanted to do was to take pictures with us. Hey were so friendly.I took a much needed nap back at the guesthouse, then got some dinner with Tom and Kena and afterwards did some acro training with Kena, before we crashed out.