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Oahu, Hawaii

Just arrived back from spending two increadible weeks in Oahu. Was able to see and experience so much. I stayed with three close friends and they were able to give us lifts in and around town.

Volcom Pipe Pro Competition at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. These guys were taking pretty powerful waves where we saw many boards break.

Pipeline is known for its increadible barrels. Becoming fully emersed around a vortex of moving water and trying to get as deep or stay in as long while being able to make it out. That was definetly the goaln at this surf competition.

One of the surfers being able to easily stand upright in the barrel.

A nice spray from a top turn.

Some of the locals told me that this was kind of a smaller day for Pipeline and that the week before we arrived there were waves that were over 30 feet.

Another stand up barrel.

This is the way we were traveling around in Hawaii.

Beauty a little bit of everywhere in Hawaii.

I went to the Doll plantation to get some Ice cream, and we walked around. There was a pond, and I don't think I have ever seen this much Coy at once so close together.

Waimea Beach

This was our view from across the street from where we were staying.

This was taken around 12:30 am at Lanakea beach. It was a very long exposure and the "fog" is just the waves of moving water over time. This beach is a great if you want to increase your chances on seeing and swimming with some sea turtles.

I was able to squeek in a photoshoot for my friends swimsuit company Soriya Swim ( They are wonderful swim suits and highly recommend checking them out if your interested in a new beach bikini or bottoms. Skyee Hammer was the wonderful model I had the pleasure of working with. Here are a few photos from the shoot.

Honolulu at night. What a beautiful city. The beach straight ahead is Wakiki beach.

This is a 9 image HDR composite of a site we saw from going up the Makapuu lighthouse trail

This is a 3 image HDR composite I did at Sharks Cove on the North Shore at sunset. I was able to take a dip and snorkle around with the fish.

Another beautiful 7 image HDR composite of Sharks Cove on the North Shore. The sun was setting right behind the rock.

One of the cutest rats I have ever seen! and perfectly framed behind a fence. Spotted this guy as we came down from the dormant volcano Diamond Head.

This is from Lanakai at sunrise looking in opposite direction. It is a 4 photograph panoramic and each photograph consists of 7 images that have been compiled together creating a higher dynamic range for the final image. Thus 28 images later I am left with this increadible photo. It was so worth getting up before sunrise to watch it from a peak. I highly suggest doing this because it is a great wat to start the day.

This is another HDR image of the East side of Oahu at Lanakai at sunrise. The reason I chose to shoot this image as an HDR is to be able to evenly expose for the image. By doing that I used a tripod to not move my frame, and shot the same image 7 times from very under exposed (which makes it able to view the sun) to very over exposed (which makes it able to view the foreground and shaded region). All the images are compiled together to generate a higher dynamic range of that image... GOOOD MORNING HAWAII!

While we were on the Island, we were invited to attend a potluck at an amazing tree house tha was in a Banyan Tree in Manoa. It was a blast, great people, good food, good conversation, and an amzing place to hang out. Here are some pictures of the treehouse.

Here is a video of me walking through the Tree House

We went on this fantastic hike to Manoa Falls. I felt like I was in Jurrasic Park, and that a Dianosour was going to come out. All the growth there was HUGE. I was just not used to it. It was awesome.

Me and my good friends :-)

This Banyan tree was pretty unbelivable.

9 image HDR composite.

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