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Wedding Photography

One of my favorite settings for a wedding is an unexpected natural environment. Placing the subjects in this setting and making them forget I am there brings out the an energy that makes the photo pop. 


People Photography

Whether you are modeling or need headshots, or family portraits your photos will take on a whole new dimension with Jason Abraham Photography.


Event Photography

Capturing events makes way for sweet nostalgia for years to come. The right angles and correct lighting can turn an ordinary picture into art.  Make sure you are portraying your events in the best way you can.


Sports Photogaphy

There's nothing better than getting "that shot" of something awesome an athlete has done. I watch and I'm ready to snap a series of the best sports moments. 

Jason Abraham Photography in Santa Cruz, CA


Jason Abraham is a professional photographer based in Santa Cruz, CA. Whether you’re planning a wedding, taking family photos, or need product photography for your business; Jason is here to help.



So, why choose Jason for your photography needs? Here are just a few reasons.

High-Quality Photos 

First and foremost, Jason is an absolute professional, with access to the best equipment and some seriously high-end cameras.

That means that your images will come out looking crisp, sharp, well-lit, and professional. This is why so many businesses rely on Jason for his services: to help create photography that will reflect well on the brand, and that will make their products look exquisite.

In terms of technical skill and knowledge, Jason is second to none. If you want a job done well, he’s your guy!

Telling a Story and Capturing a Moment

It’s not just about the tools though, but about what you can do with them.

A great photographer is someone who has a keen eye for composition – who can create drama, depth, scale, and pathos by finding the perfect camera angle or that ideal moment.

Jason is an in-demand wedding photographer because he is able to capture those small moments that tell a story. These photos can bring the day to life!

For brands, the ability to convey emotion is crucial when it comes to marketing and promotion. Helping your audience to understand the USP, the value proposition, and the vision that you’re trying to communicate is what will ultimately move them to make a purchase.

Jason excels at this kind of emotive and creative work can help to create images that are instantly iconic, memorable, and engaging.

A Professional Photography Service

Call on Jason when you need images that knock it out of the park every time – images that never disappoint, that perfectly fit the brief.

Not only can you rely on Jason’s work, but you can also rely on his service. Jason prides himself on providing a professional, helpful, and friendly service. He always listens to the brief, and won’t stop until the client (that’s you!) is 100% satisfied with his work.

If it’s a wedding, then he will work with military precision to ensure he gets every shot you need, without getting in the way. And for anything else, he will work tirelessly to deliver on the brief, with some of the most stunning photos you’ve ever seen. He will bring your vision to life, and then some!

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