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Art Mat Testimonies

Creative yoga art mats 

Andrew Sealy

Jason's art mats are so rad! Not only do they have an epic photo from an amazing photographer. It has a yoga towel attached to the yoga mat!
Not only do these mats hold space they hold up in the sweaty yoga flows!

 - Dean Zeller (Santa Monica, California)
This Art Mat may become your new best friend. I am addicted to it. No mater where I go, beach, park, or festival I take it with me. It just gives you the space that you need to do your thing best. And the mat looks awesome! The traction is great and I feel stable no matter what move in busting out. I'm so happy I invested in one of Jason's Mat's!

-Ben Avanzato (West Hollywood, California)

Andrew Sealy

Innovative & Fun 

Andrew Sealy

I totally Love my art mat! So much that I even sleep with it, haha...well, on it. It's got solid grip, great texture, and people are always complimenting the art on it. I love closing my eyes in a pose...then looking down, opening them, and seeing the landscape. Beautiful. Thanks Jason!
-Shawn Champion (Oahu, Hawaii)

Andrew Sealy

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Add more to your yoga experience 

My clients are

in love with my 

mats. It makes yoga that much more fun!

Andrew Sealy

Everyone Loves My Art Mats

These mats are the best! Besides how stunning they look, they're nice and grippy too! I love mine!
-Guy Shecter
I am in love with my Art Mat!!! It is the most beautiful mat I have ever owned and gets comments every time take it anywhere. Not only is it a gorgeous work of art but an excellent mat as well with a super soft and absorbent surface so you don't slip. It is the most inviting mat you have ever touched.
-Cheyanne Abolt
Jason Abraham creates not just a "yoga mat" but a hOMe. Each time I step on my mat, I find so much love for the practice of yoga, the beauty I see when I journey on my mat has brought a bit of sunrise to each day and practice. "The meaning of life is to find your passion + its purpose is to share it." I believe Jason embodies this quote by sharing his passion of photography, art and yoga by creating these truly original and beautiful yoga mats.
This mat is my sanctuary. It is my space to breath, find peach and positive reminder to love the moments. It brings so much enlightenment and growth not only on the mat, but off the mat into my daily life.
-Choe Dee Yoga 
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