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Italy, Amalfi Coast and Ischia November 2023

Hey fellow wanderers! In late November 2023, my wife Lizzy and I set out to adventure the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We figured, why not ditch the crowds, embrace the cooler weather, and discover the coastal charm during the quieter times?

Soaking in the Relaxed Vibes: Picture this – the Amalfi Coast in late November, where the hustle of summer and fall had waved its goodbyes. We reveled in the laid-back vibes, strolling through coastal towns at our own pace. The cooler weather made it nice for walking the steep hillside and going on a few day hikes.

Here is a nice HDR I took using my Sony a7riV #Sonya7riV #AlphasClub #HDRPhotography #HighDynamicRangePhotography

Hiking Hijinks: Hotel Cimbrano and Path of the Gods: For two avid walkers, the Amalfi Coast was a delight to walk around! Our legs got a workout with an awesome 10-mile escapade to Hotel Cimbrano.

Great views from the top!

Amazing sculptures all around the property grounds.

It felt like we climbed enough stairs to rival a medieval castle—170+ flights, according to my watch! The reward? Sweeping views and a connection with the history and charm of the land.

The iconic Path of the Gods! A few days later we were blessed with sunshine, and we strolled along coastal vistas that could rival a movie set. After the descent to the ocean, we devoured a seaside pizza before hopping on a ferry back to Amalfi, ending the day on a delicious note.

Here are several of Lizzy and the views that I took along our way.

What an spectacular view! #Amalficoast #PathofTheGods

Lizzy and I doing a hand to hand in Positano while we were waiting for the ferri.

Thermal Thrills in Ischia: Our adventure extended to taking a ferri to Ischia, the land of thermal hot springs. Despite many closures, we found a soak at La Gondola which had a natural hot spring and a sauna. It was a little shanty, but it was the only place that was open, and everyone was really friendly.

Some quirky hikes later, and we were living our best island life!

Castle Capers in Ischia: Ischia had more surprises in store, including a visit to Castello Aragonese. This castle, connected by a stone walkway to a tiny island, was like stepping into a medieval times. Swords, shields, and panoramic views – it was a nice time!

From hiking shenanigans to thermal soaking and medieval castles, Lizzy and I have seen some really beautiful sights, and have had some delicious pizza and Italian food.


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