#6 Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Friday February 19th We woke up around 6:45am and gathered our things and took a boat trip into Trang for 250 baht. From Trang, Miles and I decided to go to Kuala Lumpur that night. So we ate breakfast and got some milk teas. I had forgotten how cheap it was on the mainland. It was 25 baht for a milk tea, and 35 baht for an omelet and rice ($1.00 USD). Our travels to Kuala Lumpur was 800 baht each which was for a night train We left around 10:30am to get a ride to where the shuttle would pick us up and bring us to Hat Yai where we spent the afternoon walking around shopping. I bought a really nice sounding Bluetooth speaker for 1000 baht for the rest of my travels, and a new charger for 600 baht. A little pricey, but I am sure they will both Coke in handy for the rest of my trip. I had one of the largest green teas I have ever had for 35 baht. (It was delicious, and my 3rd on of the day since I was leaving Thailand and would not have one for quite some time.) We got some Muslim food for dinner before we got picked up to go to the boarder by bus at 6:30pm. Our bus was very comfortable and spacious. It took us about 2 hours to get the boarder and another 45 minutes to go through customs. We got on the same bus again and quickly went to sleep.

Saturday February 20th

I woke up around 4 am and had trouble going back to sleep, our bus arrived at the TPS station at 5:00 am and we all got off and tried figuring out where to go to out hostel and how to get there. The transit did not start till 6:30am. We were able to use maps.me and hostel world apps to get to our destination. We used the train to get close and walked the remainder. We were chatting and ended up overshooting our hostel several times. We were staying at Raizzy's Hostel which was one of the cheaper, yet very highly rated hostels on hostel world. We arrived around 8:30 or so, and were told we were not going to be able to check in until 2pm. So we got some breakfast around the corner at this fantastic Indian food restaurant for about $2.00 each. We hung out and enjoyed a lazy morning until the evening when we did a bit of acro yoga, got some food and then got to bed. We slept in. 12 person room, and the night before the air conditioning our room had just stopped working. It was a little warm, but Miles and I were tired enough to knock out from all of our travel the past few days.

Sunday February 21st

I woke up and it was so hot, I laying in a pile of sweat. When I left the room it was cooler outside of the room than inside, but it was still outside. Possibly in the high 80's low 90's. We came down and had some coffee, and then got some Indian food. I used most of the day to upload some pictures to the internet (the Internet is so good here in Malaysia). Miles and I went out to explore the town and in the late afternoon we went to the Helipad to check out the view and enjoy a drink for sunset.

Here are some pictures from on top of the Helipad of Kuala Lumpur.