Begining of my South East Asia Adventure - #1 Northern Thailand

About this blog: Most of the images shot were by me. The images with me in them I will give credit to who shot them, unless I just handed my camera or phone off to some person to take a picture of us.

This blog is primarily about my experiences and the things I have done, the places I have gone, and the people I have met.

Friday November 20th, 2015 A photo from this mornings connecting flight to Chiang Mai. This is a shot from the Hong Kong International Airport at sunrise. I have been in Northern Thailand for one day now, and it is just sinking in that I am beginning to embark upon a 14 week adventure. I am so excited to travel, explore, and journey through South East Asia and capture my inspirations to share them with you :-)

A view of Chiang Mai from the pane.

Saturday - November 21st

Today my travel mate Chris Avanzato and I perused around town. We ended up at a beautiful little temple called "Wat Chaimongkol" that was close by to the hotel we are staying in.

Wat Chaimongkol

This Monk was so still, he almost was like a statue